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Myths of the 2017 Federal Tax Act

The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (TCJA)—the massive federal tax cut passed in December 2017—has failed to produce the benefits touted by its promoters. And if history is any indicator, there is no reason to believe things will change in the future. The following debunks several often-touted claims made by TCJA backers. Myth #1: The…

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Conservative Think Tank's Report Misses the Mark

The Center of the American Experiment (CAE) released a new report today, bemoaning Minnesota’s “mediocre” economic performance since 2000. Some of the trends noted in the report are legitimate, while others are not. However, the insinuation that “Minnesota’s blue-state policies” are “responsible for its economic underperformance” is bogus and unsupported by information in the report…

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Minnesota Wage Growth Stronger Under Progressive Policies

Conservatives have blamed “blue-state” policies for what they consider to be lackluster performance by Minnesota’s economy during the 21st century. However, wage growth in Minnesota has been slightly stronger vis-à-vis the national and adjacent state averages under recently enacted progressive policies than under the conservative policies that preceded them. As noted in the first article…

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