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Energy Myth: Renewables Cost More

Many folks, here in Minnesota and elsewhere, falsely believe that renewable energy simply costs more than fossil and nuclear energy. Perhaps these folks only remember when solar panels best adorned satellites and not homes. Perhaps the modest subsidies for wind and solar convince some that these technologies cannot stand on their own (nevermind the long-running…

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Time to Raise the Renewable Portfolio Standard?

Minnesota’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)—sometimes called a Renewable Energy Standard (RES)—was last updated in 2007. Most utilities have met it ahead of schedule. All but twelve states have some sort of RPS, twenty-nine of which are mandatory. Is it time for an update in Minnesota? What’s feasible? The details and progress In 2007 lawmakers codified…

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Minnesota's Growing Clean Energy Economy

According to the latest Clean Jobs Midwest survey, Minnesota’s clean energy economy is substantial. We have over 54,000 clean jobs across the state, and jobs in this sector are projected to grow 4.4 percent in the next year. Clean Jobs Midwest writes: 87% of the workforce are involved in energy efficiency, and 77% of the…

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