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Fiscal Disparity Program Reduces Business Tax Disparities

The seven-county metropolitan tax base sharing program has successfully reduced property tax disparities within the metro region, as revealed by analysis presented in the previous article in this series. By taxing a significant portion of the business value in the metro area at a uniform rate, the program is particularly effective at reducing business property…

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Metro Tax Base Sharing Reduces Disparities

The metropolitan tax base sharing program—more commonly referred to as the fiscal disparity program—was designed to meet various tax policy goals, as noted in part one of this series. The success of the program in meeting some these goals—such as fostering “more orderly regional development”—is difficult or impossible to measure. However, other goals—such as reducing…

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Metro Tax Base Sharing: Net Contributors, Recipients

From the time we are toddlers, we are told that sharing is good. However, it is often not easy—and it can be complicated. A case in point is the metropolitan tax base sharing program, known more commonly as the fiscal disparity program.* For over four decades, the fiscal disparity program has been used to redistribute…

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