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A Brief History of Insurance

LBJ Medicare Medicaid

Last week, we started a series of articles to explain health care jargon and contextualize the information so all Minnesotans can engage in the discussion. The first article in the series covered health centers that cover Minnesotans who need care the most. The largest policy debate happening in the health care world right now is…

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Get to Know the Safety Net: Health Centers

Map of FQHC sites in Minnesota

We at the North Star Policy Institute strive to provide quality and thorough analyses of major policy conversations. In today’s contentious health care environment, policy changes, proposals, and critiques quickly flood the conversation, and they can turn into overly-wonky, exhausting jargon pits. Keeping this in mind, we will produce a series of articles that explain…

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The Future of the Market Under Medicaid for All

HCMC, Medicaid Buy-in, FQHC

The current debate over what ails the Affordable Care Act marketplaces allows for room to discuss the current construction of the individual market. How would the individual market continue to function if most users switched to the public option? And if the private market declined dramatically, what would happen to clinics and hospitals if their…

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The Cost of a Medicaid for All Buy-in

Pharmacist with patient

With the recent discussion of a buy-in option for Medicaid, how could this plan impact the uninsured population of Minnesota? The preceding article discussed the generalities of a Medicaid buy-in, and this article will continue that analysis by examining the impact of a buy-in, since determining individual contributions is crucial to lowering the cost for…

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Medicaid for All in Minnesota?

Earlier this year, the Nevada legislature passed a bill that would allow all Nevadans to purchase a health care plan through Medicaid. This plan lacked major details and was ultimately vetoed, but it certainly warrants a look as to whether this would help Minnesota insure all its residents. Medicaid is a federal health care program…

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Cutting Medicaid Would Devastate Rural Hospitals and Health Centers

MUAs, MUPs, and HPSAs

The American Health Care Act is quietly reentering the political sphere six weeks after it passed the House of Representatives by an incredibly narrow two-vote margin. While details on the Senate version are scarce (authors of the Senate bill will not release it before the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scores it), rumors and leaks indicate…

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The Consequences for Minnesotans in the HHS Budget

State Medicaid Spending

Last week, Governor Dayton signed the Health and Human Services (HHS) budget bill, despite serious reservations about some of the provisions. Conservatives claim that the bill saves up to $510 million in the coming biennium; however, hundreds of millions of dollars claimed as savings are based on faulty assumptions, pilfering revenues from other funds, and…

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AHCA: Huge Increase in State Costs

In the February 2017 forecast, Minnesota Management & Budget and the State Council of Economic Advisors warned of potential downside risk to the state budget resulting from changes in federal policy. Earlier this month, one of these threats came into sharper focus, as conservatives in Washington unveiled the American Health Care Act (AHCA). According to…

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