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Minnesota Insurance Enrollment Broke State Record

More Minnesotans can claim health insurance than ever before. Unlike many of its neighbors, the state has leaned into the Affordable Care Act, and reaped rewards—only 4% of Minnesotans lack insurance for 2018. MNSure recently announced that the 2017 open enrollment period broke its previous record for insurance coverage—a victory in the face of a…

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Alexander-Murray: Examining What This Bipartisan Bill Would Accomplish

So far in 2017, the vast majority of health care policy proposals, bills, and amendments have not had much input from progressives at the state or national level. Bills that generally have the goal of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act have followed a general blueprint of proposing legislation, holding as few hearings as…

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Quality Health Care is Non-Negotiable

Efforts to reform the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have been wide ranging since its inception, but haven’t accomplished much. This could be because of the deep polarization in Washington, and it is clear that as that the quality and access measures implemented in 2009 are vital parts of our health care system moving forward. The…

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A Brief History of Insurance

LBJ Medicare Medicaid

Last week, we started a series of articles to explain health care jargon and contextualize the information so all Minnesotans can engage in the discussion. The first article in the series covered health centers that cover Minnesotans who need care the most. The largest policy debate happening in the health care world right now is…

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More Required to Stabilize ACA Individual Market

Insurance coverage table Minnesota

At the beginning of August, Minnesota health insurance companies released their expected changes in premium costs. The proposed average changes were separated into two major groups: changes with reinsurance and changes without reinsurance. As a quick reminder, Minnesota passed reinsurance legislation in April in an attempt to control premium spikes in 2018. Reinsurance works by…

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AHCA: Huge Increase in State Costs

In the February 2017 forecast, Minnesota Management & Budget and the State Council of Economic Advisors warned of potential downside risk to the state budget resulting from changes in federal policy. Earlier this month, one of these threats came into sharper focus, as conservatives in Washington unveiled the American Health Care Act (AHCA). According to…

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