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Minnesota in the Middle on Middle-Income Taxes

Minnesota conservatives work hard to portray Minnesota as a high tax state. In reality, state and local effective tax rates for middle-income families in Minnesota are fairly typical of the rates in other states. In addition, average effective tax rates for lower-income households in Minnesota are below the national average. The state and local effective…

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Minnesota Earns High Marks for Fiscal Responsibility

Last week, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) upgraded Minnesota’s  general obligation (GO) bond rating to “AAA”—its highest ranking. Minnesota became one of only thirteen states to enjoy a AAA GO rating from at least two of the “big three” credit rating agencies (S&P, Fitch, and Moody’s). The improvement in Minnesota’s credit rating not only has the…

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Counterpoint: Progressive policies in Minnesota are working for workers

(Note: this commentary was published by the Star Tribune on July 26, 2018.) As corporate profits soar, working people are rightly demanding fair wages, thereby inciting the ire and criticism of both conservative policymakers and academics. A recent column (“Higher wage is hurting those it’s supposed to help,” July 23) claimed that Minnesota’s higher minimum wage…

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