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Minnesota Business Taxes Low Relative to Benefits Received

The public in general and businesses in particular understandably pay close attention to the taxes they pay. However, the other side of the coin—the benefit derived from the expenditure of tax dollars—is frequently overlooked. This makes about as much sense as focusing on the price of the new car you’re buying, but ignoring the quality…

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Minnesota Business Tax Rates Below U.S. Average

Minnesota’s business lobby frequently complains that business tax rates in the Gopher State are high. Such claims are often based on nominal tax rates—in other words, the rates that are written into state law; however, nominal rates do not take into account various statutory exclusions that reduce the base against which the rate is applied…

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Minnesota Business Taxes Per Worker Below U.S. Average

Conservatives regularly claim that business taxes in Minnesota are high relative to the rest of the nation, but an examination of fiscal year (FY) 2015 total state and local business taxes per private sector employee in each of the fifty states reveals that Minnesota is actually below the national average. Each year, the Quantitative Economics…

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