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Tax Regressivity in Minnesota vs. Other States

Minnesota policymakers of all political persuasions have touted the importance of reducing tax regressivity—in other words, reducing the extent to which taxes as a percent of income are borne disproportionately by low- and middle-income households. Thus, it should come as good news that Minnesota has the seventh least regressive tax system in the nation, despite…

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One-Sided Reverse Referendum Undermines Local Governance

A movement is again afoot in Minnesota to allow anti-tax voters to create new hurdles to local levy increases. Under the moniker of “taxpayer empowerment,” this initiative would allow voters as few as ten percent of the number voting in the last general election to trigger a referendum to reverse any levy increase in a…

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Impact of State Aid on 2016 Property Taxes

Total property taxes in Minnesota increased by 4.7 percent from 2015 to 2016, exceeding the combined rate of inflation and population growth, with county property taxes increasing by 3.4 percent, city property taxes increasing by 4.5 percent, and school property taxes increasing by 7.0 percent. However, before leaping to the conclusion that these local governments…

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