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Convergence is Back! (It Never Really Went Away)

Convergence refers to the tendency of states with below average levels of economic activity to enjoy somewhat higher growth rates than other more prosperous states. Convergence occurs because less well-performing states tend to make up ground over time relative to more prosperous states as innovations and technology diffuse throughout the economy.* If convergence is real,…

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Conservative Think Tank's Report Misses the Mark

The Center of the American Experiment (CAE) released a new report today, bemoaning Minnesota’s “mediocre” economic performance since 2000. Some of the trends noted in the report are legitimate, while others are not. However, the insinuation that “Minnesota’s blue-state policies” are “responsible for its economic underperformance” is bogus and unsupported by information in the report…

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Minnesota Receives Highest Possible Bond Rating

Minnesota received good fiscal and economic news recently, as the Fitch rating agency improved the state’s bond rating from AA+ to AAA—the highest rating possible. The improved rating will translate into reduced borrowing costs for Minnesota state and local governments and is further indication that Minnesota’s economy is doing well, contrary to conservative claims. Fitch…

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