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County Revenues Have Declined Since 2005

Total revenue of all Minnesota counties is down modestly over the last decade, after adjusting for inflation and growth in the state’s population. The largest portion of this decline is the result of a steep reduction in state aid to counties, which had the predictable outcome of spurring property tax increases. Data used in this…

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Long-Term Trend in County Aid Still Down, Despite 2014 Increase

In 2013, Governor Dayton signed into law a major increase to County Program Aid (CPA), effective in 2014. That $40 million increase boosted the CPA funding level by 24 percent. However, in a chart featured in the preceding North Star article, this significant aid increase registered as only a relatively small blip. This anomaly illustrates…

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County Property Taxes Up Since 2002, Revenues Down

In 2014, Minnesota counties saw a significant increase in state aid, which contributed to a decline in real per capita county property taxes and a modest increase in revenues. However, even after that aid increase, county aid is dramatically less today than it was in 2002, while county property taxes are much higher, even after…

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