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City Spending Drops Significantly Since 2000

Some conservatives like to complain about growth in city spending. In reality, spending by Minnesota cities has fallen significantly since the beginning of the century, after properly adjusting for inflation and population growth. The vast majority of this reduction has been in cuts to capital spending, which includes funding for city infrastructure. The Office of…

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Real City Revenues Drop Over the Decade

Despite significant population growth, the inflation-adjusted revenue of all Minnesota cities has declined by six percent from 2006 to 2015. However, the decline is not spread evenly across all revenue categories. Property taxes climbed significantly over the decade, but not by enough to replace losses in real federal and state aid and other revenue sources.…

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Minnesota City Spending Below the National Average

Among conservatives, Minnesota has a reputation as a high spending, big government state. North Star examined these claims earlier this year and found that state and local government revenues and spending—examined in the property context—were actually fairly typical of other states. Data from the quinquennial Census of Governments (CoG) from the U.S. Census Bureau that…

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