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Mid-Week Reads: Libertarianism and Carli Lloyd

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Other

Every week, North Star will take some time out of our schedules to bring you our favorite reads from the past week.

Jeff Van Wychen

Libertarianism’s Iron Cage: From Ayn Rand to Rand Paul

This article is the best exposition of libertarianism that I’ve ever read, tracing its intellectual origins and current popularity in conservative circles. In Wolfe’s view, libertarianism is rigidly individualistic, holding that government should not interfere in the rational pursuit of self-interest. Such a philosophy leaves no room for the state to act as a countervailing force to protect citizens from the vagaries of market forces and rationalistic capitalism. Libertarianism—as envisioned by its matron saint Ayn Rand—is the mirror reversal of Marxism; whereas Marxists view capitalists as leeching off the value produced by labor, libertarians posit the exact opposite.

Stephanie Fenner

Carli Lloyd: Why I’m Fighting for Equal Pay

Two-time Olympic gold medalist, FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion and 2015 FIFA Player of the Year Carli Lloyd has been making news recently for standing up for equal pay. She joined four teammates in filing a wage-discrimination complaint against U.S. Soccer late last month, demanding equal pay for equal work. In the New York Times, Lloyd defended her position, stating:

Our beef is not with the men’s national team; we love those guys, and we support those guys. It’s with the federation, and its history of treating us as if we should be happy that we are professional players and not working in the kitchen or scrubbing the locker room.

A powerful proponent for equal pay, Lloyd points out that women being mistreated financially is not a breaking news story, but that she and her teammates are done waiting around. It’s time to reward work no matter your gender.

Failure is Not an Option

Despite Minnesota having $12.5 billion in one time money and a structural general fund surplus of $6 billion, there is no surplus in transportation funding. This report details decades of declining revenue from dedicated funding sources of transportation...

Underfunded Minnesota: Collective Investment for a Brighter Future

The current budget surplus represents an important opportunity to improve the quality and affordability of life for Minnesotans. For decades, wages have largely stagnated, while workers and families have incurred steeply rising costs for major expenses like childcare,...

Losing Ground: State Disinvestment in Students

Our first report, “Losing Ground”, has a simple but stark finding: over the last twenty years, per pupil state aid received by Minnesota school districts declined by 20 percent, after adjusting for inflation. As state aid has fallen off, school districts have asked...

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