Mid-Week Reads

Every week, North Star will take some time out of our schedules to bring you our favorite reads from the past week.

Jeff Van Wychen

Look to the Insects.

This article critiques a new book by American biologist David Sloan Wilson entitled, Does Altruism Exist? Culture, Genes, and the Welfare of Others. This book examines the origins of altruism from an evolutionary perspective, noting the altruistic behavior of social insects. Johnston concurs with Wilson that altruism does indeed exist, but differs with him as to its nature and causes. The article concludes with insights into altruism, selfishness, and love.

Stephanie Fenner

Parents Borrowing to Send Kids to College Skyrocketed Over the Last Two Decades.

This article confirms what North Star has been saying since it began: student loan debt isn’t just a young person’s problem. Student debt affects future and current students, parents, and even grandparents. MarketWatch found that borrowers with Parent PLUS loans jumped an astronomical 385 percent from the 1989-90 academic year to the 2011-12 academic year.