Mid-Week Reads: On Government and Target

Every week, North Star will take some time out of our schedules to bring you our favorite reads from the past week.

Jeff Van Wychen

Things are Getting Better, Slowly, Because of Government

This article is a summary of a recent Twin Cities talk given by Yale political scientist Jacob Hacker. Hacker’s premise is nicely summarized by the title a book he recently co-authored: “American Amnesia: How the War on Government Led Us to Forget What Made America Prosper.” Hacker argues that right wing tactics have been designed to keep government from functioning, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy about the inefficacy of government.

Stephanie Fenner

Target Will Allow People to Use Bathrooms That Correspond to Their Gender Identity

According to MPR, Target will allow its transgender customers and employees to use restrooms and fitting rooms that correspond with their gender identities. Target joins the national debate on this topic, after North Carolina drew controversy for passing a law prohibiting transgender people from using public restrooms not aligned with their sex at birth. Target said:

“We believe that everyone — every team member, every guest, and every community — deserves to be protected from discrimination, and treated equally.”