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2018 February Forecast: Small Change from November

The 2018 February Budget and Economic Forecast released by Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) today projects a $329 million surplus in the current fiscal year (FY) 2018-19 biennium, a slight reversal from the small deficit anticipated in the November 2017 forecast. However, after adjusting for the effects of inflation—which are largely omitted from the official…

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State Revenues: the Real Story

Minnesota conservatives argue that the state general fund grows bigger and bigger, year in and year out. After adjusting for inflation, however, per capita general fund revenue in Minnesota falls short of levels seen at the beginning of the current century. While the 2013 tax increases have buoyed real per capita general fund revenues, they…

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Per Capita General Fund Revenue Less Than a Decade Ago

The enactment of significant tax increases during the 2013 legislative session, combined with state budget surpluses, has created the impression that Minnesota general fund revenue has grown considerably. This perception is accurate if we measure state revenues today relative to the depths of the Great Recession, but if we adjust for inflation and growth in…

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