Mid-Week Reads: European Union and a New Iron Man

Every week, North Star will take some time out of our schedules to bring you our favorite reads from the past week.

Jeff Van Wychen

How to Revive the Promise of a European Union

A wave of nativism and isolationism led to Britain’s exit from the EU–and other countries are considering leaving, blaming the Union for problems both real and imagined. The NYT editorial board lists the measures that could be taken to save the EU.

Stephanie Fenner

Exclusive: Marvel’s New Iron Man is a Black Woman

According to Time, Marvel just announced that a black woman will be taking over as Iron Man in the comic book series. Riri Williams will replace Tony Stark – she’s a 15 year old science genius who enrolls in MIT. One of Marvel’s writers talks with Time, addressing the backlash among a subset of fans about Marvel diversifying its characters.

Why did it take so long to turn the Avengers from a team of mostly white dudes into a more diverse array of characters?

Talking to any of the older creators, it’s the thing they said they wish they’d done more of—reflecting the world around them. It just wasn’t where the world was at at that time. Now, when you have a young woman come up to you at a signing and say how happy she is to be represented in his universe, you know you’re moving in the right direction.