North Star Policy Institute advances public awareness and discussion of public policies that promote the following goals:

  • Help working families get ahead instead of just getting by.
  • Give all Minnesotans the opportunity to succeed in the changing economy, not just the wealthy few.
  • Promote smart investments in public services that all Minnesotans rely on.

Timely, Relevant, & Accessible

North Star Policy Institute’s researchers, in collaboration with progressive partners across the state, develop and promote effective public policy ideas.

Credible Third Party Validation

North Star Policy Institute ensures that policymakers and the general public hear well-articulated arguments for progressive policy solutions and provides a source of informed criticism of ill-conceived and short-sighted conservative alternatives.

Advancing a Progressive Narrative

North Star Policy Institute works with other progressive organizations to advance a narrative framework in Minnesota that includes these central beliefs: that government makes people’s lives better, that all Minnesotans deserve the opportunity to succeed, and that working families should thrive in Minnesota, not just survive.


How we accomplish our mission: