About Us

North Star Policy Institute is a progressive think tank that advances awareness and discussion about state-level public policies. We produce original research, articles, reports, and commentaries that center the priorities of Minnesota’s working people and families.

Our vision for Minnesota is a state where:

  • Working families get ahead instead of just getting by;
  • All Minnesotans have the opportunity to succeed in the changing economy;
  • Smart investments in public services and infrastructure support healthy and connected communities.

Our Team

Katie Hatt

Katie Hatt, Executive Director

Katie joined North Star Policy Institute in November 2017. She brings over a decade of experience in various policy-focused roles with local, regional, and state government. She has also served as a consultant to transportation and public health advocacy coalitions as well as local and national foundations. Katie is a graduate of the Minneapolis Public Schools and the University of Minnesota.

Jeff Van Wychen

Jeff Van Wychen, Tax Policy Fellow

Jeff has been a consultant to local government and labor organizations on state and local government finance issues and a Senior Research Analyst in the Dayton administration. In addition, Jeff has been a policy analyst for various Minnesota local governments. Jeff received a master’s degree in political science from the University of Minnesota.


Margaret Kaplan, Policy Fellow

Margaret joined North Star Policy Institute in August 2018.  She brings over fifteen years of experience in the world of policy, community organizing, legal advocacy, and community development including roles in the nonprofit, academic, and government sectors. Margaret holds a Juris Doctorate from University of Minnesota law school. Margaret is a terrible but enthusiastic banjo player and has been to every county in Minnesota.

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